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About us

About Us

Laurent Lechêne is an artisan chocolatier, patissier and boulanger, who has been fine tuning his skills and techniques over almost 20 years running his shop “Aux Delices de Cormatin” in the heart of the gastronomic region of Burgundy, France. We are now pleased to be able to deliver across the UK and France some of Laurent’s chocolate creations (the croissants and gâteaux are phenomenal, but they do not travel very well, so you will have to come to Cormatin to taste these!)


All of the chocolates are hand crated by Laurent using the finest ingredients. We are proud to exclusively use Valrhona as our chocolate supplier. Valrhona has recently been awarded the coveted status of a CERTIFIED B CORPORATION®.

Valrhona have committed not to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world.

So now, you can have fantastically indulgent, luxurious chocolates- and feel good about yourself at the same time, safe in the knowledge that you are helping others across the globe.


Why Choose Chocolat-lechene?


Every chocolate is hand crafted by Laurent himself, using the finest ingredients and all his knowledge and skill built up over the years. There is no mass production line, automated processes here, just time honoured skill and craft, an artisan in the true sense of the word. Everything that Laurent does is focused on making every chocolate taste and look superb.


Customer Service

We are able to provide a prompt response to you regarding any query you may have and assist you in your chocolate selection via email, contact form or chat box in either French or English.


100% Safe and Secure Online Shopping

We want you to have 100% confidence when making your purchases with us online. That’s why we offer payment options with the most trusted providers of online transactions. When placing an order on Chocolat-lechene your credit card information is encrypted and none of the digits of your card are stored.